Monday, February 28, 2011

Academy Awards

So congratulations to all the deserving cast members and crew that won Oscars this evening. Some disappointments and also a couple of huge surprises (Melissa Leo for best Actress in a Supporting Role comes to mind). It seemed to be a giant surprise to her as well. She seemed more stunned than anyone else on camera when her name was announced. Good thing they have that few second delay for the quick edits on language right? I was also incredibly confused as of to why Daft Punk did not win anything Sound related for Tron, but then again I am a Daft Punk fanboy so I was pulling for that since the first time I saw it. As good as The King's Speech was I was not expecting it to win Best Picture. Being up against so many other great movies. It was a hard decision though because in my mind there was not just one substantial film that stood out amongst the rest. The Kids Are All Right and Winter Bones were the only two I hadn't seen. Legitimately don't even think they played anywhere relatively convenient to where I am in Oklahoma.

I was very happy for Natalie Portman to win Best Actress for her performance in Black Swan though. I saw that one three times in theaters and every time I think I walked out liking it more. Her performance was just incredible I thought. James Franco and Anne Hathaway did a pretty good job hosting it I'll say. Some of their little skits were entertaining and others not so much. Was left slightly confused by plethora of hits on Hugh Jackman, was it just because he was sitting so close? Sitting next to Halle Berry? Don't know. Good year for the Brits though, Colin Firth getting his Best Actor and his film getting Best Picture.

I always feel a little upset about some of the decisions they make. On Best Animated Short I thought Day & Night was a hands down winner. It was the best short before a Pixar film I had seen in an awfully long time. Best Score for the doodad during the Social Network intro was deserving. That score managed to have the right tone to be equally as thought provoking as the movie. The Score from Inception though was just epic beyond epic. It is coming close to replacing The Final Countdown in my head when I find myself in an epic type moment. And I know this post was pretty scatterbrained but I pretty much just said what was on my mind when it popped up. Didn't put thought into organizing it in any specific way.

Hope you enjoyed watching the Oscars as I did, and this officially marks the beginning of new considerations for all the categories for next year in my mind. Transformers 3 is going to be another explosion filled orgy from the depths of Michael Bay's basement. Thor looks incredibly promising, Sucker Punch is going to be great no matter what, Hannah looks incredible (Chemical Brothers soundtrack will be awesome), The Adjustment Bureau will finally come out considering they've been advertising it for ages now, The second in a line of X-Men prequels should be pretty entertaining, The Hangover Part 2 (YES!), and many others come to mind as good movies this year. Really want to see more good original screenplay movies though, not so many prequels/sequels/adaptations/rewrites/conversions from books. It's like when you are reading an incredibly long spree of books (The Wheel of Time) and want to find something new and interesting that you can get into but has the same feel (The Name of the Wind).

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  1. no way will hangover 2 live up to the hype